Norstrat Consulting Incorporated provides on-site advisory services to various locations across Canada, including those used by the Canadian military and government. In 1988, Lee Carson and several other important members established the company.

Therefore, if you are interested in starting your own business, you should educate yourself about Norstrat, its mission, and the services it provides. This is because they may be able to assist you in planning and creating your business growth plans or in removing obstacles that are preventing your progress.

What is Norstrat?

Individuals reach out to Norstrat because their businesses, along with the government and the armed forces on occasion, require the assistance of knowledgeable individuals to increase their level of productivity. In the 1980s, Canadians made efforts to complete a project that would have significantly increased the country’s sense of unity from east to west.

It is now up to the individuals and the southern side to pick up this initiative and see it through to a successful conclusion. A business advisory service that focuses on populism, government conspiracies, and transactional transmissions is known as Norstrat. It has been in operation for close to ten years and provides its services to clients via the governments of both Canada and the United States.

History of Norstrat

The purpose behind the establishment of Norstrat Consulting Inc. was to assist clients who either had a legal obligation or a business desire to implement aspects of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

Norstrat Consulting is owned by Lee Carson, who also runs the company. Mr Carson is a well-known and long-term member of the aerospace and defence network in Canada. He has a lifelong interest in all things arctic and is a specialist in the field.

Norstrat Consulting thinks that Canada’s Northern Strategy presents the country with the most significant, difficult, and exciting opportunity for application in the twenty-first century.

Services and facilities

One of the most well-known services offered by Norstrat is an underwater search and surveillance system. This system gathers and processes data regarding potential security threats. Nordstrom’s involvement in the energy industry and its ability to compete for national energy contracts are two additional benefits of doing business with the company.

A strategic alliance between Norstrat and Hill & Knowlton Strategies provides connectivity to more than 400 community service professionals, which is beneficial to both parties. Numerous top-tier businesses have been able to meet their goals on time as a direct result of its implementation.

Norstrat plays a significant role in a variety of treasury development activities across the country of Canada. It currently has a sizeable investment in several ongoing projects and is on the lookout for additional infrastructure and electricity projects.

Electronic wallets, municipal relations, the food and beverage industry, and social media optimization are just some of the areas in which it excels. The marketing plan, the hammering approach, the individuality designing, the tactical summary strategy, and the digital consultation are also included.

Norstrat mission

An ambitious and extensive federal infrastructure plan that connected the developing nation of Canada from east to west was successfully finished in the year 1885 by the people seen here. It is time for our entire country, from its most southernmost point to its most northernmost point, to come together as one. At this point, the solution will consist of a comprehensive package of infrastructure investments that are essential to the expansion and maintenance of the Northern region. These investments are essential to the expansion and maintenance of the Northern region. At Norstrat Consulting, our objective is to place our clients in the following circumstance so that they can benefit from our services.


The company offers a varied and comprehensive selection of services to meet the demands placed on it by commercial enterprises. In addition to offering services for the management of communications during times of crisis, it also offers assistance to businesses in monitoring the activities of their competitors and in developing and putting into action plans for effective communication. It is also helpful in evaluating the reputations of competitors who operate online and keeping track of those reputations over time.

Final Words

The Norstrat consultant will present their assistance to you in the form of several distinct service packages, each of which can be selected from the primary page of the Norstrat website. The evaluations that it gives are one of a kind, and they will be modified to meet the specifications that you provide. In conclusion, the information that has been provided up until this point is critical for gaining an understanding of the Norstrat consultant and approaching them to expand the business.

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