Since its launch in July 2017, Capital Smart City seems to be the focus of attention. Investors in the property market in Islamabad have flocked to Habib-Rafique Pvt. Limited’s massive project in a matter of days. 5-marla, 10-marla, 4-and 8-marla business plots were all managed to sell out before the company even started its advertising campaigns, making them a huge success. Smaller plots and residences in Capital Smart City’s Harmony Park Block quickly became popular. When the Harmony Park block’s 3.5 marla housing and 2.5 marla business plots and smaller Villa Apartments went on the market, they sparked immediate interest and quickly sold for revenue. With that said, Smart City’s housing and business properties have seen a significant increase in demand since 2012.

Excellent Administration and a Reliable Developer

Pakistan’s most trusted real estate developer, Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd., is behind the venture, Capital Smart City. It has been a successful project so far because the design and planning group has been excellent and the leadership team. So many people want to be a portion of this exciting endeavour because of this. Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based consulting company that is one of the biggest metropolitan, industrial, and construction consulting firms in Asia, is designing the Capital Smart City master plan. With over a decade of expertise developing smart cities around the globe, Surbana Jurong is an expert in her field.

The Art of Making the Market Intact

For the past three years, Capital Smart City has been keeping the market alive and thriving. Because the gated community has remained popular in Islamabad’s property market, it shows that the market’s optimism has grown over time. The company of Capital Smart City has employed various strategies that have resulted in the achievement of a variety of products. Generally speaking, we’ve found that underbidding and casual discounts are the two most common tactics.

Advantageously Launching Products

One by one, Capital Smart City has introduced its products to the market, one at a time. They were able to acclimate their product line and overall endeavour to the market’s supply, which has permitted them to do so. As a result, investors and consumers alike have been taken aback by this development, which has piqued their interest. With the release of the Harmony Park block the year before, Capital Smart City constructed 3.5 and 5 marla villa residences. Even though the community had been planning to maintain the industry crowded through offers and deals, the industry became overwhelmed with the prior housing and business plots. While Smart City’s products saw a slowdown since the 1st balloting, they were still waiting for another balloting occurrence to re-invigorate the market. Capital Smart City was again the hot new thing after the release of Harmony Park block. They also debuted 2.5 marla business plots in Harmony Park when the demand for 3.5-mega-marla residential plots slowed.

Capital Smart City Does Not Over-Sell

Every property developer has a major concern about fraud. The practice of overselling plots in the early stages of a new housing development seems to be common. An example of over-selling is when a new residential project has already sold more plots than they have available. If the society doesn’t have enough land or authorization for the number of plots they’ve already sold, they may not be allowed to build new homes. Reservations would either be cancelled (which results in a 25%-30% deduction and a longer recovery time), or they would not be delivered at all. Investors and members lose a lot of money as a result of this. As a result, there is a controlled supply of Capital Smart City product offerings. New investors may be a little perplexed by the fact that their files invariably sell for a profit right after they’ve been released.

Rapid Development of Capital Smart City

Real estate projects are judged on their ability to keep their promises to customers at the time of reservation. Even if a smart city’s concept and planning are flawless, it will be useless unless implemented. The Pakistani property market has a level of confidence in this project that is unmatched by any other. Investors and property market specialists have a lot of faith in Capital Smart City because it is the fastest-growing housing development in Islamabad.


In the end, a residential project’s success isn’t just ascertained by its eyesight and make plans but also by its execution on the floor and subsequent management. Capital Smart City’s value and legitimacy as a housing complex can be seen in the developer’s previous projects, the high-quality planning and managerial staff crew, and the significant development of the construction work.

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