It’s worth emphasizing here that we gave our favorite advice for low-cost printing and chic framing in the Ultimate Collection of 42 Free Art Prints article that was shared above.

Use FedEx Office, Costco Photo Center, or Staples Printing & Marketing Services for printing if you want to save money. If you can’t order online, call your local store and inquire about printing options and guidance. Keep in mind that some printing alternatives are only available in-person or are not available at every Costco, FedEx, or Staples location.

The JPL website states that each image from the “Visions of the Future” series should be printed at 20″ x 30,” so make sure to tell your printing service the appropriate size.

Although the sizes of our favorite IKEA poster frames (all under $30) are just a hair smaller or a hair larger than 20″ x 30″, you should be able to make them work by cutting the edges or printing slightly smaller with whatever printing choice you choose. Best learning centerAlternatively, this frame from Walmart is a well-liked, cost-effective alternative. However, if you don’t mind a little bit of treasure seeking, we suggest perusing your local second-hand stores and flea markets, where you’re guaranteed to find a suitably-sized frame for a deal.


Explain to your child the vehicle’s functions and characteristics. They must be thoroughly aware about all of the important components, including the tires, car battery, and the entire engine. For example, parents must teach their children how to change a flat tire and how to maintain the correct tire pressure.

Additionally, emphasize to them the need of wearing seatbelts and driving within the speed limit. If you don’t buckle up when driving, your child will copy your actions. Last but not least, tell them to adjust the side and rearview mirrors to the correct settings.

Move on to the next stage once you’ve finished teaching the foundations.


After guiding them through the basics, take them somewhere empty so they may practice driving. In a busy area, never lend a car to a new driver. They might get lost, make a mistake, and have an accident. It is therefore better to practice in an empty area, such a parking lot. During practice, show them effective braking and acceleration techniques.

In order to protect your child’s self-esteem, please avoid from yelling at them while they are practicing. Before improving, they could make a few mistakes at initially. Avoid focusing just on braking and acceleration. give them parking instructions. The most common reason for insurance claims is hitting another car while parked.

If you believe your child is performing well, take them to a location with low traffic. Driving through an area with little traffic will help them become more conscious of the road. It is advisable to let your child practice driving in areas with little traffic for at least a month or two. They will be more adept at using the brakes, navigating traffic, and utilizing indicators and road signs.


Don’t let your kids drive only during the day or when it’s nice out. Take them for a drive instead at night, in the rain, or in the snow. By allowing children to practice in a variety of driving scenarios, you might significantly improve their driving ability. They won’t ever be operating a vehicle during the day, after all.


Young people regularly use their cell phones or the entertainment system while driving. If your child engages in these distractions, talk to them about the dangers. It’s unnecessary to use severe language. Lead by compassionate example, instead.

Modern cars come standard with a number of amenities, including parking sensors and rearview cameras. Keep an eye on your youngster if you believe they rely too much on these gadgets. Tell them to stop if they are. In the beginning, kids must be able to park and drive without the aid of technology. Because not all cars have them, this is the reason. What happens if they buy a car without these features? How will they move forward then?


The last lesson you should teach your child is the need of regular car maintenance. Demand that they regularly check the air pressure in your tires and other related activities. Take them in for an oil change and ask them to do it the next time. They should also be aware of the different fluids in the vehicle and when to change them.

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